For some, it’s all about sales and results. For others, it’s about winning that next big award. At City Arts, great design is the product of passion, purpose, and possibility. It’s a place where the art of communication is expressed in ways that surprise and satisfy our clients.
Sum up the word 'digital'. Hard, isn't it? It could be to do with web TV, online communications, video, podcasts, content streaming, website interface, viral email, mobile technology. Hmmm…that's enough alternatives. All are right answers it just depends what you want. And we have it all.
We ensures your site looks great and works on every type of browser – desktop, laptop, tablets, and smart phones.
Custom web applications development and up-to-date technology at friendly rates.
High quality production music for TV, Film, Advertising and Corporate Video.
Designed with creatives in mind, our Audio's is used in international branded networks
We design anything and everything that can be designed. From a simple logo design right through to product packaging design.
We create and enhance brands that stand out, communicate, and complement your business as it grows.
About Us
Yes ! We can do it !
Creativity with no limits
About Us

We've been in the in business for years and have experience in almost every sector. This experience gives us valuable insight that we can pass on to you, achieving your goals though well conceived and measurable products.

We've worked hard to refine our internal processes. This means you get what you need fast and without any fuss. But not so fast that mistakes get made. We work to understand your organization and objectives before presenting our strategy and ideas.

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Our Portfolio
Work. Projects we love

Some of our products and projects done.

  • Web Design
  • Logo & Identity
  • Apps
  • Media
  • Audio
Some of our Clients
In additional to our KSA clients, we've worked for companies and organizations in Bahrain, Doha, UK, Africa and Beirut.
3ayn News Network
  News coverage from the middle east
AlJawad Restaurant
  AlJawad Restaurant branches in Beirut and Tyre -...
  Telecom market research consultants.
UCLU Islamic Society
  CLU Islamic Society is a mixture of Muslim students of...


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Clients Testimonials
What Clients say about us
I would like to express my deep thanks, appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful effort you have made and excellent work you have done in your company for AlJawad Restaurant, I like to...
City Arts is a pleasure to work with. they are highly responsive, flexible, and completes projects ahead of schedule. They takes pride in there work and collaborates with there...
Thank you so much,  I love the site - everything turned out so much better than I had expected.  I know I kept throwing little changes at you, but you made the process feel...
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We expected a great design but never expected such an incredible system at same time, absolutely more than expectations, Thank you Wissam.   Sandra Agmelton Owner...
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